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Gefell um 70-71 retrofit                                                      

In the spirit of our Tube 87 and MagMic electronics, innerTube Audio presents the latest in cutting-edge vaccuum tube microphone technology.

More output, more gain, much quieter, AND with the world’s finest M-7 capsule, this is our best sounding microphone to date.

For every UM 70-71 owner out there that has a love/hate relationship with their microphone, you can now convert your solid state into a tube microphone in less than 30 seconds, and find love.

The UM 70-71 retrofit includes:

•  The internal Tube Retrofit pre-amp assembly

•  Power Supply with continuously variable pattern pot

•  Cables for the mic (6-pin), and power supply (Grounded AC)

•  Instructions for change over

  1. All components are pre-assembled and ready for installation.

  2. High-quality shock mount

MSRP $1995.00 USD