…What is he building in there?Mr. Stayne – Inventor of the Atomic Squeezebox..

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RIP Steve Albini


“On Tuesday I rented an Atomic Squeezebox to see if it was all I had heard about….On Wednesday I bought one.”

-G. Zenny Barlough 


My Sumthang is working overtime all the time. It’s so great to hand off mixes to folks and then have the mastering engineer think it was recorded analog.

Thanks!!!! -RK

Stayne McLane teases and tortures tubes to do things only possible in the wet dreams of quantum physicists in search of unified field theory. Near as I can figure it’s voodoo of the finest degree. Then you put the MM-2000 in front of anything and give yer head a snap when you hear it. This guy is the real thing when it comes to making stuff that sounds the way you want it to -not good but..@#$%amazing.”

Betasound Canada

To quote Fletcher of Mercenary – “It sounds like God!”

-Ola Sonmark

Otek Recording, Sweden

“InnerTUBE Audio had their people decked out in retro-cool white lab coats that made them look like mad scientists. They may or may not have been hiding some mutant goat-dog in their booth.”

Mix Magazine

“I have absolutely nothing to say about my SqueezeBOX because that’s what I hear while this unit executes Impossible Internal Cartwheels! ”

-Brian Ahern