Mini 87

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Innertube Audio – Mini 87

The IA-87 came into this world for those of us who wanted something more from our Neumann U87’s. The Retrofit kit was designed to be painless in installation, as well as completely reversible.  

Yet, transforming your beloved (or not so loved) U87 with a vacuum tube depth injection that is no doubt sonically superior. Once you hear it, you know. 

We know that the IA-87 Retrofit kit has quenched the thirst of so many audio pro’s over the years, We have compared it to other high-brow fancy & expensive tube mics, it always holds its weight class and punches over it.

That’s why ITA has decided to make it available in a “MINI 87” package at a lower cost. You might even sell off your other microphones and pocket the cash, once you hear it. 

At the end of the day, the sound quality is the biggest reason why you do this, unless you just like to stare at your selfies all day in the vocal booth….packing this much greatness into a lower-cost body, is saving you money. Even still, we think you’ll look pretty good behind one. 

Have a beer, or a few…On innerTUBE Audio. Stay safe out there. 

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