Atomic Sumthang

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8-Channel Vacuum-tube Summing Mixer

Old-school analog crustaceans that we are, we at InnerTube recognize the productivity that digital audio workstations (like Digidesign Pro Tools and others) has made possible. Running the outputs through a high-quality mixing console has become a favorite best-of-both worlds solution for those who want digital flexibility and analog sound quality. But what if you don’t have a large-format console, or prefer to mix “inside the box”? Well, we thought up the Sumthang just for you.

It sums eight line-level (+4) inputs into two outputs, using a top-secret vacuum tube circuit for sound quality that we think mops the floor with any other “analog” summing box on the market today. Ins and outs are transformer-balanced. Units can be cascaded together to bring as many analog outs as your DAW has into the stereo outs of your main Sumthang unit, and we’ve been kicking around plans for a 16-channel dedicated expander. An oversized output volume knob and super-accurate VU meters let you tweak the signal to the liking of your two-track recording or monitoring system, and even better, they look important.

More features and tech specs are coming soon. Keep checking this space or contact us, but be warned: this thing sounds so armed and dangerous that the Department of Homeland Security may notice if you click here too often!

“The Sumthang is a box that doesn’t play fair. I’ve made that box do things. Its fun to drive it into more harmonic distortion [gain from the daw or compressors] and use as much syrupy and transformer ridden equipment as you can find with this animal.It needs to be fed some meat because its hungry.


Wired in Point to Point, its Eight Custom input Transformers feed Super Stayne Rocket fueled Tube amplifiers that have the capability to send your ears into outer space. The box will hear dc- to hell. Its freaking deep!


If you PUSH the unit with your outboard; it gets hairier, but never faded. Its a very good sounding summing amp with a lot of character compared to these other “all headroom-no character” type of boxes.


Personally, I think the Sumthang is attractive if you are running all types of favorable “weight” adding compressors and EQ’s,RETRO/PURPLE/API/NEVE/MERCURY etc, in between. The Amp has a truck load of input and output headroom, which lets you push the unit into further density and exploded life.”


-Adam J. Brass