IA M-269 Retrofit Kit

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Turn your U-87 from standard solid state, into a true tube microphone. The change over is accomplished quickly and easily by the user in one (1) minute or less.

This retrofit is non-destructive, and can be reverted back easily if one should ever want to use the retrofit at another studio. 

This is a NEWLY DESIGNED Upgrade Kit for the Neumann U-87, and for U-67 and TLM-67 microphones. Inspired by the Neumann M-269, this preamp uses a selected sub-miniature triode tube design. This new product joins the thousands of earlier innerTUBE Audio U-87 Upgrade Kits that have converted solid state microphones to the superior sound of triode tubes. Just like the previous innerTUBE Audio U-87 Upgrade Kit, this replacement preamp installs in your Neumann microphone in a matter of a couple of minutes.

This IA M-269 Upgrade Kit is supplied with a fully regulated, low noise power supply, a multi-pair interconnect cable, and AC power cord. The power supply in this package is a demonstrator, sold with full factory warranty. Full remote pattern control is on the power supply, and is continuously variable from figure-of-8 thru cardioid to omni-directional.

A little historical context for the M-269 microphone: When Georg Neumann introduced the U-67, the German radio broadcasting system told them they would only buy the microphone if it was supplied with the (now legendary) AC701-K sub-miniature tube. Approximately 800 were manufactured, and they went mainly to the German broadcast system, and the French broadcast system. Many Neumann aficionados believe the M-269 to be the finest microphone design that Neumann ever made… but they are so rare, that few have used or seen them … and prices, if you can find one, run well into 5 figures.

The IA M-269 upgrade kit permits simple, inexpensive conversion of the U-87 (or U-67 or TLM-67) to the vastly superior performance of the sub-miniature triode tube. Early testers of the M-269 upgrade system are raving about the smoother response than the factory U-87, its very natural sound and its extended frequency response.

While this preamp was designed specifically for the U-87ai product line, the capsule pin-out lines up with that of the U-67. This preamp may be used with existing innerTUBE Audio Regulated Power Supplies. (Note to innerTUBE Audio Upgrade Kit existing owners: The preamp is available alone, or with the regulated power supply and cables).

The Retrofit Kit includes:

•  The internal Tube Retrofit pre-amp assembly

•  Power Supply with continuously variable pattern pot

•  Cables for the mic (6-pin), and power supply (Grounded AC)

•  Instructions for change over

•  All components are pre-assembled and ready for installation.

At innerTUBE Audio, our development team have been designing analogue and tube circuits for over 25 years.

Our engineers have been responsible for high quality maintenance and repair in state of the art studios throughout Southern California. They have had much experience in re-design and tweaking of existing well known circuits. We have worked closely with accomplished and well known recording and mixing engineers, with many great sounding albums to their credit.

It is with this background that we have designed the IA M-269 tube retrofit.

The retrofit is a superior cost affective choice compared to new, re-issues or original tube microphones.

The retrofitted IA M-269 is equal or better.

Yes this is a strong statement, and, we would like an opportunity to prove it to you.

All the components used in manufacture are new stock, tested and matched to exacting tolerances. The circuit is elegantly designed and bulletproof. We manufacture tube driven products only,

no solid state …ever!


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