I-TUBE TLM67 Retrofit Kit

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Turn your TLM-67 from standard solid state, into a true tube microphone. The change over is accomplished quickly and easily by the user in one (1) minute or less.

This retrofit is non-destructive, and can be reverted back easily if one should ever want to use the retrofit at another studio. 

The retrofit has been a consistent winner time and again, in critical blind listening tests between itself and top world class solid state and tube microphones. Those who have conducted these microphone “shootouts” are like yourself, professionals in the audio field. They have been surprised and are greatly impressed when they learn the microphone they chose as best sounding overall is the retrofit.

The Retrofit Kit includes:

•  The internal Tube Retrofit pre-amp assembly

•  Power Supply with continuously variable pattern pot

•  Cables for the mic (6-pin), and power supply (Grounded AC)

•  Instructions for change over

•  All components are pre-assembled and ready for installation.

At innerTUBE Audio, our development team have been designing analogue and tube circuits for over 25 years.

Our engineers have been responsible for high quality maintenance and repair in state of the art studios throughout Southern California. They have had much experience in re-design and tweaking of existing well known circuits. We have worked closely with accomplished and well known recording and mixing engineers, with many great sounding albums to their credit.

It is with this background that we have designed the I-TUBE TLM67 tube retrofit.

The retrofit is a superior cost affective choice compared to new, re-issues or original tube microphones.

The retrofitted TLM-67 is equal or better.

Yes this is a strong statement, and, we would like an opportunity to prove it to you.

All the components used in manufacture are new stock, tested and matched to exacting tolerances. The circuit is elegantly designed and bulletproof. We manufacture tube driven products only,

no solid state …ever!


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