UM70 Retrofit

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UM70-71 “Microbrew” Retrofit for Gefell UM70-71 capsules

“InnerTUBE Audio’s “Microbrew Gefell” microphone is about as beautiful example of Stayne’s desire for incredibly linear and noise free tube amplifiers as any microphone amplifier could be. This remarkably high headroom, incredibly linear tube amplifier couples amazingly well with the beautifully handcrafted Gefell MT-70 capsule assembly; the net result being one of the most opulent and “expensive sounding” microphones you will ever experience, period.” 
– Fletcher

In the spirit of our Tube 87 and MagMic electronics, innerTube Audio presents the latest in cutting-edge vaccuum tube microphone technology.

More output, more gain, much quieter, AND with the world’s finest M-7 capsule, this is our best sounding microphone to date.

For every UM 70-71 owner out there that has a love/hate relationship with their microphone, you can now convert your solid state into a tube microphone in less than 30 seconds, and find love.

The UM 70-71 retrofit includes:

•  The internal Tube Retrofit pre-amp assembly

•  Power Supply with continuously variable pattern pot

•  Cables for the mic (6-pin), and power supply (Grounded AC)

•  Instructions for change over

  1. • All components are pre-assembled and ready for installation.
  2. • High-quality shock mount

MSRP $1995.00 USD